This is actually interesting. I have just barely brushed the surface, of course: There’s so much to uncover, really, something that most people don’t really have any concept that even goes on. What goes on, exactly? People seem to roam the halls without a care. A good five people (and probably more) Have done this with regularity in the hallway, for over a week. It can’t be a coincidence that they have some task to perform… each and every day.

They also seem to get upset when I photograph them. I get dirty looks asking that question: Why are you in the hallway? Sure, most people are just going about their daily business. But a solid group of students wonder through the hall with no purpose whatsoever. Why is it so hard to figure out what they are doing? Well, they won’t give a clear answer, mainly. They usually refuse an explanation. As much as I would like to know more, I feel that it would be very difficult to gain this insight, considering my current position.

Here’s the list of what occurred:

A child had lost his coat (How do you lose a coat in the middle of winter?) He seemed to be embarrassed about this, giving a slight grin. I really hope he finds it. How cold is it out? 10 Degrees?

One student reported that they were ‘just getting a little exercise’. They then commenced to cross back and forth, up and down the hallways. Why even bother? They refused to answer what class they were going to, and even any specificity to what they were doing. Perhaps he was in gym class- I suppose that would make a little more sense. Another hallway vagrant has reported 3 times in 3 days that they were ‘in tech ed’ with a smirk. Oh well.


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