‘I’m just taking a leak’, reports Johnnie Oddo, Sophomore. It’s a frequent occurrence, you know.. Plenty of students travel back and forth through the halls to use the bathroom.

Another student, Chris Stanley, informed me that he was ‘using the bathroom’ as well. On his return (Around seven minutes later, I might add) he informed me that it felt like he had lost a couple pounds. Vulgarity for vulgarity’s sake is all good in my book, but I still craved more insight from these reports.

I knew it was there, buried beneath all the high school style crudeness. Another student chose to ignore me entirely. Today, I found that after a few minutes, it was really only teachers roaming the halls. I can tell you first hand that most teachers in the hallway don’t make very helpful interviewees. In fact, the only teacher who was a good interviewee was Ms. George, as you would know if you had read article 1 of the ever interesting hallway beat.

The other teachers regarded me like I wasn’t allowed to be there, although it was a class-endorsed activity. Sure, some students chose to ignore my questions, but I was regarded with pure suspicion from teachers. I even caught myself pretending to write in my journal as a teacher walked by. I found that as I continued the hallway beat, students warmed up to me, especially the ‘repeat offenders’, as I call them, who have been my interview subject several times now.

They typically offer a brief insight, but they seem to be humored by the question, and willing to give an answer. One student even willingly let me take a picture! But the memory card wasn’t in the camera. It was a really great picture too. Still, the other, more ‘candid’ pictures are fascinating as well. I feel like a camera ninja.

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