During my week of beat reporting, I came to realize several harsh truths. Firstly, no one actually wants to be on record bitching about their problems. Secondly, everyone typically bitches about the same thing after while. Thirdly, you will often end up the butt of your joke! Lastly, death, my friends, is inevitable.

People will complain until the day is burned away and the night is filtering out, but when I asked to write and record these grievances, metaphorical doors slammed in my face. I was driven back to just taking notes on my phone of interesting quotations because a recorder seemed too professional and frightening. Also, on occasion, people do not understand that unless a journalist is adamantly asked to not include something in their article, it will go in the article. The backlash from this can be devastating! On days already littered with surgeries of loved ones, verbal attacks from angry teachers, and panic attacks, a journalist can still get reprimanded for violating someone’s terms.

In regards to repetitive bitching, everyone summarizes the same problem. Sports are tiring, musical is long, waking up for school is getting exhausting, blah blah blah! All these problems are legitimate reasons to be upset, but hearing them over and over again wears old very quickly.

Ending up the butt of my own journalistic joke is a cruel irony. I inquired about how done people were; you can sure bet that no one is as done as I am! I’d venture to say that I am more done than most everyone currently. In a twist of fate, given to me by the Beat Reporting Gods, I hate everything a tad bit more this week.

And finally, death is inevitable. When chasing after someone to ask a ridiculous, worthless, repetitive question, you truly notice your own mortality. I promise you.

I’m going home to cry with my cats now.

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