“I am 100% done. Also, 100% concussed, though it’s not official,” says sophomore Anna Joyce. The varsity basketball player, sixteen, has had a long, arduous week.

Her basketball career, though going well, seems to be very perilous to her health. Joyce is prone to being in harm’s way; she’s had many injuries over the years, and is rather notorious for her many accidents and mishaps. From spraining her wrist while sled-riding, to being hit in the head by an exploding bottle, Joyce is living in a near constant state of “done” due to her affinity for injury.

Moreover, today she fell getting out of bed, which was not a shocker. She was nearly late to school and then had to take a test that was, according to Joyce, “impossible. Designed to kill me.”

During French 3, Joyce decided to drown her sorrows in cookie dough, which she willingly admits.

“I hate myself more with each bite,” Joyce says, licking her cookie dough-coated spoon thoughtfully.

However, her days end well with a relaxing art class and then, hopefully, “a long, long nap. And then some Gossip Girl. Or, Grey’s Anatomy.”

Joyce says that this is unlikely, however, due to grueling practice, driving practice, hours of homework and not enough coffee in the world to effectively keep her up and ready. She just hopes that she will not somehow grievously injure herself in the process.

“With my luck, I’ll make it through basketball fine, get done with homework, not choke on dinner and get into bed just fine. Then I’ll end up breaking both my legs in my sleep or something,” sighs Joyce.

Adam Boaks, sophomore ends up swiping the last bite of cookie dough.

“Now you’re really about to be done,” he winks at Joyce.

Alas, life goes on.


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