With Obama’s State of the Union address including the decision to start the process of pulling the soldiers out of Iraq started, major debates remain about what to do with the remaining soldiers stationed in Iraq.  “Obama hails end of combat operations in Afghanistanwrote Journalist David Jackson. The article stated that 13,500 service men will be staying over in Iraq to handle the rest of the terrorist threats and the rest will be coming home. Most people in America, due to the fact that the war has raged for over 10 yearas now would agree with Obama and pull every last soldier out, according to David Jackson from www.usatoday.com.  But the pull out of all American forces would leave a major problem on our heads.Most people see how long the war has raged on and want a full and complete withdrawl of the last known soldiers in Iraq. Everything the US Military for these past 10 years was trying to accomplish would’ve been for nothing. We’re there for more than just the terrorist attacks of 9/11. We’re there to improve the all around well-being of the country,  improve their military, police, and more importantly their government, says Russell Berman from thehill.com who has written many topics on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

If Obama were to pull out all of our troops now, everything that has been helped for as of right now will be gone to waste. As Phil Mattingly states in an article from www.bloomberg.com, that our military has been helping their government grow and flourish so they can get out of the situation of not having a safe, democratic government and help them instal one and learn how to keep and run it. Along with the U.S. helping them with schooling and military and even their police. With the pull out, all of that would’ve been for nothing and terrorism would yet again be the main cause of destruction there, as if it isn’t already bad enough but is being taken care of by our brave and respected troops (Boot).

Opponents believe that the pullout of troops is a good idea. Most people who believe this , according to Beroman, have relatives stationed in Iraq. Most other Americans, according to Jackson, see a war that has been ragging on for over 10 years now and they want to see the rest of our troops, who have done their job in keeping us safe, come home safely to their families.

Everyone wants to see mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters return to their American families safely, and yes there will be about 14,000 troops still stationed in Iraq, but the necessity of having troops in Iraq and more troops being sent is growing with the ISIS problem. ISIS stands for The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and they are a growing terroristic threat in the middle-east (Berman). ISIS wants all people they declare as enemies dead, they don’t care who you are, if you’re not one of them then you have no need or place here (Jackson). For example, a recent killing of a Jordanian prisoner who was burned to death on live television for people of the outside world to watch the torture happen live, is talked about on hufingtonpost.com and shows how this growing problem of this terroristic world threat needs helped being stopped. If troops are not sent and kept over in Iraq, then ISIS has the ability to continue to grow in forces beyond its current borders and develop weapons that are potentially harmful even here in the United States.


Why would someone choose to ignore a problem if they have the means to solve it? ISIS’s growing threat is not an easy problem, but it can be solved with a re-deployment of the US Army, Navy, Seals, Marines, etc.. We can show our support for using American troops overseas by going on twitter and tweeting #stopisis or #weneedtroopsiniraq. We need to show each other, our elected officials, and especially our President the growing need to stop terrorism requires sending troops back to Iraq.


4 Replies to “Keep Troops in Iraq – Guest Editorial by Justin Gross”

  1. I agree that the United States should keep troops in Iraq. ISIS, like you said, is a growing problem. We can’t keep letting these terrorists behead innocent prisoners. We need to keep troops in Iraq and stop ISIS from growing.

  2. I say until we take serious action against ISIS we should keeps our troops in Iraq for that reason. In no way do we want another 9/11 to happen.

  3. I agree on keeping troops in Iraq. We don’t want to lose everything we have control of so far if we take troops out.

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