Adam Boaks is a sophomore here at Avonworth and is playing the part of Mr. Mayor in this years musical. So far Adam is enjoying the production of the show and says that he is looking forward for rehearsals to start.

Seussical is a different show then Avonworth has ever put on but Adam is enjoying the change saying, “It’s a lot of fun learning how to act and sing a character that is happy.” This years show is going to be very different from years past but the “Kast” is looking forward to doing a show that is considered to be happy.

A lot goes into the making of the show, the truffula trees don’t just grow on their own and Adam says that one of his favorite parts of the show “Is when we stay to put the whole show together with lighting and sound and all the different aspects behind the scenes.” Adam doesn’t just like being up on stage but he likes being behind stage learning how to run a show as well.

Even though Adam enjoys being behind the scenes his absolute favorite part of putting on a show is being up on stage and learning your character. He says, “I really like the whole process of learning the vocals and then being able to put that up on the stage. He enjoys learning the vocals because, “they may be hard to learn but in the end you do it for the people watching.”

Adam plans on doing to musical the rest of his High School career because he gets to spend time with friends while doing something that he really enjoys.

“It’s so interesting to see how everyone works together to make such a large production happen, no one person has a si job. Everyone works together.”


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