image1“Today I have rehearsal for movement so that I can learn how to move around like my character” said senior Jenny Guest about her role as the Cat in the Hat in Seussical, the AHS Musical this year. So far, everything has been smooth sailing.

The main story throughout the student body is about the stress that the musical kids get, but so far they haven’t had too much stress. Jenny says, “I’m the cat in the hat and it’s really not stressful at all right now, especially because I haven’t had many rehearsals lately.” You’d think that with all the hype about how stressful musical can be doesn’t actually happen all the time.

Along with the stress, the spring musical is one of the events looked forward to most within the student body A lot of work has to go into it to make sure it is up to the usual perfection it always is.  So at this point in February, “A lot of work still needs to be done as a whole, but so far we’ve mainly worked on vocals” As with every musical, working on vocals is very big…but for this particular show, many other students in the show have expressed how different of a change the vocals are this year to what they were in the past.

“The most stressful part for me right now is keeping the right pitch for my songs because I have to sing at a much lower range then I am used to.” said Jenny.

The musical is full of energy this year and the“Kast” is just keeping up with the energy because of the fun nature of the show.


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