“Being an understudy is harder then you may think” says sophomore Sophie Thompson. Sophie is the understudy for the Cat in the Hat in Seussical; as well as being an understudy, Sophie has three smaller parts in the chorus.

“It’s a lot of work but I’m okay with it” says Sophie when I asked her what its like having so many different roles. She also said that it’s a “good learning experience because I have all of these different things to learn.” Learning her multitude of roles is the hardest concept¬†for Sophie to learn at this moment.

Being an understudy involves a lot of work, you have to learn the role as if you were up on stage every night. ¬†An understudy also must be prepared to step in and fix the situation at hand at any moment. However, Sophie doesn’t mind being an understudy. She says, “I’m okay with it. The thing that worries me the most about being an understudy is that I don’t know if or when Jenny [the main actress for the role] may get sick.”

Sophie would much rather be up on stage performing then backstage. “When I’m up on stage I am making people happy. It’s encouraging when you finish a show and people tell you how great the show was.” Sophie enjoys making people happy and being up on stage is one way that allows her to do that.

So far the “Kast” hasn’t done a lot of work. “The biggest thing for me right now is learning each of my parts, and my hardest part would have to be the Cat in the Hat.” Sophie says that her understudy role is the hardest because it’s so unpredictable, “You never know what will happen and to be cliche, the show must go on.”

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