megan dress 2Coming to school at seven in the morning when temperatures are below freezing means that a lot of high school students opt for the “comfortable” rather than “stylish” route. Looking down the halls of Avonworth High School, a lot of sweatpants, leggings, hoodies, and tee shirts can be seen–however, among all the comfy students are always the “brave” students here and there, who wear, for example, dresses.

As I transported myself from class to class on Tuesday, I noticed multiple girls from all grades wearing dresses, all paired with tall leather riding boots. Most of the dresses could be considered “peasant” dresses, and under the majority of the boots were knee socks. Some girls wore jewelry; a couple wore scarves; others wore no accessories and let the dresses speak for themselves.

Dresses don’t just have to be dressy like they are for King of Hearts dances, and they certainly don’t just have to be worn in warm weather. Just like shirts, dresses can be dressed up or easily dressed down–putting a pair of boots with boot socks into the outfit is a great way to do that. And also just like shirts, dresses come in all sorts of styles with a number of different sleeve lengths: strapless, sleeveless, short sleeved, quarter-length sleeved, and even long sleeved.

Most, if not all, women’s clothing stores sell dresses of all kinds. “I like to get dresses from Free People because they’re really loose and not constricting,” said sophomore Megan Williams.

And one of the greatest things about dresses is how versatile they are–even in the dead of winter when temperatures are not pleasant, wearing a summer dress is very possible. Put a denim jacket or cardigan over the dress for warmth, drape a scarf around your neck, pull on a pair of tights, and even take the boot and sock route for additional comfort and warmth. A pair of Converse, Vans, Toms, Uggs, and any of your other favorite winter shoes also go effortlessly well with dresses, along with this season’s very popular ankle boots.

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