One of the most popular and versatile accessories that work well through every season is a scarf. According to, scarves have been trendy since the 1800s and have gained massive popularity through the last few decades. Over the last few years in particular, infinity scarves (known as circle scarves to some) have been the go-to scarf–

Within just a few hours on Wednesday, I counted twenty high school students wearing scarves, and eighteen of them were infinity scarves. Everywhere I looked, people were wearing scarves–including teachers.

A huge component of scarves’ versatility is the different ways in which you can wear them; they go well with dresses, skirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets, and they can so easily be dressed up or down. And in a lot of instances, scarves can be the defining point of an outfit, or at least what brings the look together.

Senior Billie Jo Richardson was among the many students donning an infinity scarf on Wednesday, and upon being asked what it is about scarves that is so appealing, she reported: “They’re easy to use when adding something to your outfit, and they keep you warm in the winter.”

Scarves come in all sorts of materials, patterns, and size, which also adds to their adaptability–silk is light and keeps you cool in the spring and summer; cashmere, wool, and cotton keep you comfortably warm in the fall and winter.

And even though traditional scarves haven’t been quite as popular lately, that doesn’t mean they’re unusable–there are plenty of ways to transform a standard scarf into an infinity scarf, which is an efficient way to save money and keep up with the latest trends. Tie the fringes at the ends of fringe scarves together, or wrap the scarf and then pin the ends up.

But scarves are endlessly popular and always chic, no matter how you wear them.

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