Like most winters in Pittsburgh, these past few weeks have given our winter coats a run for their money. With temperatures dropping below zero seemingly every few days, two hour delays hardly come as any surprise anymore. This does, however, make many things about those delay-less days harder to cope with–like getting dressed in the morning.

Getting out of a warm bed at six o’clock in the morning and putting a lot of effort into an outfit that must get you through the subzero temperatures for the day can be challenging, hence the high numbers of hoodies and warm sweatpants throughout the halls. However, one easy, comfortable, and stylish way to beat the cold is to wear sweaters, like so many high school students have been doing lately.

Sweaters have been around for decades and will be for many more–they’re warm, comfortable, cute, and easy to incorporate into any type of outfit. But lately, the most popular type of sweater has been an oversized sweater, the type that has sleeves past your fingertips and makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a big blanket all day.

Oversized sweaters are easy to layer, can be worn with leggings, jeans, skirts, or any other type of pants, and are warm. They’re comfy yet classy, and can be a lifesaver when you’ve gotten almost no sleep, are running late, and have an important meeting later that afternoon.

Every single day, two hour delay or not, multiple students throughout Avonworth can undoubtedly be seen wearing oversized sweaters.

And these sweaters have become so popular that it is incredibly easy to find them at just about any clothing store, and while they’re definitely a bit pricier than the cotton t-shirts on the table over, the added warmth and comfort that will protect you from the bitter Pittsburgh winds at 7:20 in the morning is so worth every cent.

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