“Oh my God, not this song again.” Usually what you hear when another (or the same) song plays on the radio. Songs get overplayed to pieces, to the point where you actually hate the song. Over the past few decades this kind of thing has been happening, but it is becoming increasingly more annoying as most popular music today just sucks. I used to like Fall Out Boy until I heard “Centuries” eight, yes, eight times in a two hour period.

On top of the overplaying of pop music, there is so much more music that gets put out in many other genres that will never see the light of day on popular radio. Some of my favorite bands, like Green Day or Foo Fighters, are rarely on such radio. Yes every now and again you may come across the radio playing “Boulevard of Broken dreams”, but that is it. The Foo Fighters just put out a new album and is full of great songs, but why are they not being played on a more popular radio station than one that is strictly rock? Pop music is the only genre conquering the top 40.

Some of the most top played songs on the radio now are “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, “Lips are Movin” by Meghan Trainor and “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson. All great songs in their own right, but the amount of times they have been played is just unreal. I did not want to know every word to “Happy” but due to the overplaying of the song it just happened. So clap along if you feel like music needs to be spread around to more than just their own genres station.

There are some bands that will never see time on pretty much any radio, bands like Sleeping With Sirens or Mayday Parade. Both are bands with great music that you have to have access to a good xm radio station to hear, even then sometimes do they not get played. The only way to listen to a new Sleeping with Sirens song is on the internet.

All in all, there needs to be a broader scope of music on pop radio. More bands need to get air time and more songs need to be played than just the top 20. It’s not that I am saying new music is bad, even if a lot of it is, but it’s how you hear nothing but the overplayed garbage and nothing new or fun.

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