Hello everyone and welcome to the Perfect Distractions, where I find out what is distracting the people of Avon Worth while in their classes. Today we are looking at Sophomore Brandan (That is how it is spelled) Hart and his everyday Distractions.

Brandan is the kind of person who gets distracting by the simplest things and some of the more complicated. One of the more simple ones is just when he thinks about “the idea (he) could be doing anything else.” with no exceptions. Brandan has said that when he thinks about doing anything else then what is happening in class that is all he can think about.

Another thing that distracts him is “the ‘do your best’ propaganda posters in every teacher rooms.” Whenever Brandan sees these posters he can only think to himself “do your best” and said that he didn’t enjoy that thought all the time.

Now for my personal favorite one of his distractions which, in his words, was “Knowing that my creativity is being sucked away and being replaced with conformity.” This also goes along with his thought that he is “being trained to be a corporate slave robot by the Fascist School agenda.” When he said this I was completely run for a loop. To think that this whole time we where being controlled and trained to be Robots for the evil “Corporate”, who would have been able to guess. It took the bravery of this young man; NO, not man. This young HERO, for me to open my eyes to this truth. (Note: this is just Brandan’s sense of humor.)

On another note however, in Brandans social studies class he has been thinking about World War II, specifically he “caught (himself) thinking about if blimps would be mainstream if Hitler had won WWII.” This of course is a jab at how much Zeppelins where used by Germany, but the only problem is that they where mostly used in World War I. Even then, I don’t think the trade off of flying blimps around balances out with having a dictator rule over us, I personally am fine without that in my life.

As for Brandan, I would say just ignore most of the posters, but as for the thoughts about being somewhere else… Just draw a pony or something to keep your mind occupied. Thanks for reading, and remember to stay distracted; unless you’re being taught something important.

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