Hello everyone and welcome to the Perfect Distractions, where I find out what is distracting the people of Avon Worth while in their classes. Today we are looking at sophomore Alex Domencic, or his preferred name, Skippy, and his classroom distractions.

Skippy’s biggest distraction he said was “Students who are off task.” which I find Ironic since I interviewed him in math class while nothing was going on. He said the main reason he is annoyed by this is because “they are annoying and keep me from working.” On a side note while saying this he seemed very disgruntled.

Skippy’s second distraction is the morning announcements. In fact he said he didn’t really enjoy announcements at all, saying “They are too loud and interrupt class.” Skippy and I have made it somewhat of a ritual where when the announcements say “Please excuse this interruption” we normally respond with “Nope.”

The last distraction Skippy said was pencil sharpeners. He said “They are too loud and interrupt class.” This distraction really gets to him as he normally carries a hand pencil sharpener around with him; and whenever a classmate wants to use a sharpener he will offer them his to borrow. This one is the only one I can really agree with yet can honestly say, I don’t see a better solution to. Almost every room has a pencil sharpener,and many of them, even the non electric ones are still loud and can make it a bit annoying in class. The only solution I could possibly see is that everyone bring a small, plastic, hand pencil sharpener. “Come on everyone, let us journey out into the world, discover new places with the technology at hand, and climb mountains with our mighty power, but if you could stop using electric pencil sharpeners that would be easier in class.” For some reason I just don’t see that working out.

As for Skippy, I would say to just get used to a lot of this, since two of these problems are basically unavoidable. Thanks for reading, and remember to stay distracted; unless you’re being taught something important.


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