Hello everyone and welcome to the Perfect Distractions, where I find out what is distracting the people of Avonworth while in their classes. Sadly this is the last one I will be doing for now, and I may start doing it again, but that is for another time. Today we are looking at Sophomore Matthew Fuller and his classroom distractions.

Matthew is a gamer, so it’s normal to think that he would be distracted by video games. As Matt states simply “They are fun and enjoyable.” Some of Matt’s favorite games are Nintendo, creates of the Wii and other Game consoles and products.

Another of Matt’s normal distractions is TV. While not watching it directly Matt can become bored and just think about TV. Matt doesn’t think about a particular show being that his response when I asked was “Most shows interest me and I can watch almost anything.” I can relate to this as 90% I’m watching TV I just watch whatever is on; on a side note this is how I got into Dragon Ball Z, I just didn’t want to change the channel at the time.

Lastly is a simple and relocatable, Zoning out. Matt said that he has zoned in all of his classes at least once. “I’ve zoned out in every class period throughout the school day at most points of my life.” Unlike me however Matt didn’t have anything to say about what he thinks while zoning out but instead “My imagination is too vast for the world to grasp.” This is one of my favorite responses I have ever been given. I like to think that if he tried to give us a list of the things he thinks about the world would just suddenly implode. One second you’d be sitting there and then the next, *POP*, all gone.

As for Matt I would just say thanks for not making the world implode by thoughts. As for the readers, thank you for reading and even though this is my last Perfect Distraction so far always remember to stay distracted; unless you’re doing something important.

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