Why are you in the hallway again? I forgot last time.
I know how this probably seems if I ask you this question. I’ll admit, it looks kind of shady. In fact, I feel kind of shady. Here I am with my laptop and notebook at the crossroads of the halls, sitting at my table, minding my own business. Yet I still have to ask that question to you- Why are you in the hallway?
People react in a negative way, as you might be able to expect. Especially teachers. In fact, I’ve avoided asking all but the friendliest teachers entirely! It may spark brief curiosity or amusement in them, but usually it sparks something closer to distrust. After all, is it really MY business why YOU’RE in the hallway? I’m not disagreeing with their distrust. I feel that distrust is a safe initial reaction to this sort of question. However, students that break through this initial distrust are my best bet. I’m looking for your story, after all.
One student noted that they were already late and in a rush. They wouldn’t answer what class. Another student, perhaps the most interesting lead, I let slip. Can you believe it? He was going to a food locker! If you think that food lockers were just a one time thing- trust me, they aren’t. I personally think it’s a fabulous idea and it would be good to start one. Sadly, I didn’t even have a chance to see what wares it had. He refused to show me what the locker had inside or give any details as to what it contained. However, he had some sixlets and a lollipop in his hand. Fascinating, isn’t it?
Another thing I’ve noticed regarding this interesting experiment is the nature of so-called ‘repeat offenders.’ People will seemingly roam across the halls, back and forth, nowhere to go. Are these study hall escapees? Or are they cutting class to be vagabonds? I couldn’t get a clear answer, as these wanderers outright refused to acknowledge me. If someone doesn’t want to answer, it’s absolutely their right, but I’m still allowed to say I find it shady.

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