There are vast stretches of empty hallways during classes. Perhaps you are trying to get a drink, or maybe even sneak off during class. But if I catch happen to catch you in the hallway 8th period, I may ask you this question: “Why are you in the hallway?”

No, you aren’t in trouble. But I do want your stories. Where are you going? Why? I’m interested. And by the end of this, maybe you’ll learn a little more about your fellow students.

Why bother?

An anonymous person, worried they would get in trouble for breaking school policy, secretly made a phone call in their time of need. Due to the vague, suspicious nature of their answers, I didn’t press for details. I certaintly didn’t want them to get in trouble, either.

Another student, who asked to be anonymous, reported that he was thirsty, and that the water fountain served to be ‘sufficiently cold’.

But all of this, in truth, can be expected. Students get drinks, scurrying back and forth in the mostly silent hallways. One student, freshman Parker Perry, reported that he was in a hurry to grab papers for English.

Another student, who also asked to be anonymous, reported that they were feeling ill and needed to take a rest.

Then I heard footsteps, breaking the loneliness of the empty hallways.

One student, Christina Tuccillo, revealed that she spends every 8th period with Ms. Frauenholz. She informed me that she was grabbing her some papers – running errands. The interesting thing about this is that Ms. Frauenholz doesn’t have a study hall during this time. Christina reports that when she isn’t helping out, the two will watch funny cat videos together. Who knew?

I am the watcher on the wall- I mean, in the hall.. Or at least, I’d like to think so.


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