The Affordable Care Act, often referred to as Obamacare, is not improving healthcare for people in the U.S. Does Obama care provide quality healthcare, accessible health care, and affordable health care. The Act states that it will increase the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare in the U.S. According to “If you like your plan you can keep it. Under ObamaCare you can keep you health insurance until 2015, even if it doesn’t comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Come 2015, if your plan doesn’t have a grandfathered status and doesn’t meet the requirements of ACA, then you will have to choose a new plan”. Grandfathered plans are plans purchased before March 23, 2010. They don not have to follow ObamaCare’s rules and regulations. How ever if your plan loses its grandfather status you may have to upgrade to a new plan. A large amount of people in the U.S. have not been able to keep their current health insurance because they do not follow the new health care guidelines. Many people who have health care and need to get a new one because of the Obamacare people actually have to pay more than for healthcare than they did before. Obamacare’s new standards are forcing between a few hundred thousand to a few million Americans to find new coverage and is making the middle class pay more and the wealthy pay less.

Not only do people who had health insurance lose it now it cost more. How does Obamacare drive up rates? Jurnalist Dean Clancy writer for (who is an expert on Obamacare effects) state “Primarily by forcing insurance companies to accept all applicants, regardless of age or health status (“guaranteed issue”) and by forcing them to charge all applicants roughly the same price(“community rating”)”. The guaranteed issue is that by forcing insurance companies to accept all applicant no matter the age or health status sets the price of health care at the same price. This makes health insurance more expensive for healthier people. In response they cut health insurance opposite of the Administration’s goal. A community rating is a law that that prevents health insurance for varying premiums based off of geographically, age, gender, health status and other determining factors. Due to this young people are a primary target because they tend to healthier. Its taking away what insurance should be: “High risk high rate low risk low rate.” Forcing the people of America to have health care is a direct violation or our rights as Americans and is unconstitutional.  Americans should be able to choose if they want to have health care or not.


The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is beneficial to the people of the U.S. It has increased quality, accessibility, and affordability of health insurance for people of all classes and ages in America. According to expert Dean Clancy a researcher on health care ( “One is to make insurers cover adults up to the age 26 on their parents’ policy.” Many parents say that this is beneficial to them because many 26 year olds are still in school and can’t pay for insurance. In fact young people will get the most help from Obamacare. The Department of Health and Human Services ( state that 11.6 million people age 18-34 who are uninsured. The website, writing for Kaiser Family Foundation (, states, “Americans age 18-34 make up 36 percent of those who get subsidies – the largest share of those who will get help under the new plan.” People who did not have health insurance are now able to get it. According to the Kaiser Foundation Survey, “Nearly 6 out of 10 of the 8 million who enrolled in the marketplace were previously uninsured. Most of them hadn’t had insurance in the past two years.” Now people who had no coverage are able to get coverage because of Obamacare. Now people are able to buy insurance online off of the a website called The website can be used for swift healthcare purchasing and efficient healthcare plans.

According to the Act made by Obama health insurance would be affordable for people in the U.S. no matter what class they are in. According to Dr. H. Jake Geiger and founder of he community health center model “The irony is that these states that are rejecting Medicaid expansion – many of them Southern – are the places where the concentration of poverty and lack of health insurance are the most acute. It is their populations that have the highest burden of illness and cost to the entire healthcare system” This shows that Obamacare has not been accessible or affordable for people in America who really need insurance under Obamacare. Grace-Marie Turner, president of the think tank the Galen Institute (, states,  “The people who do not really need healthcare (healthy people) are paying for health insurance and the people who need it the most are not able to receive it”. This is the exact opposite of what Obamacare was created to do for Americans and is hurting the people paying a large sum of money to have insurance under Obamacare. It is not accessible to all Americans and is not affordable for all Americans. Obamacare may look really good on paper but when put into action it is the complete opposite. The set up of was not only a mistake but a complite fail. It took the government two months to get the site to properly function. Reporters Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas explained in the Washington Post’sWonkblog (,

“The nightmare scenario looks something like this: The website continues to be a mess through the fall. As such, only the people who need insurance most—older, sicker people—go through the trouble of signing up. Younger, healthier people come once or twice and then never again. The risk pools fill with more expensive applicants and, in year two, premiums spike. The result is that, 12 months from now, Obamacare has a working web site, but a more costly, less appealing, product”. If you don’t have health care you are taxed by the government. According to, the official website for Obama’s Health care Program,  if one does not have health care in 2015 they have to pay the higher of these two fees of 2% if ones yearly household income or $325 per person for the year ($162.50 per child under the age of 18). The fee after 2015 is 2.5% of one’s income or $695 per person. This fee is like putting a gun to someones head, regardless of their decision, they lose something either way in the end.

Wouldn’t  you want health care that has great quality, accessibility, and affordability at any time? Shouldn’t healthcare be a freedom to all Americans? You as an American should have the right to chose whether to have healthcare or not. The government should not be making that decision for you. Let your voice be heard by visiting this website.



3 Replies to “Will the Affordable Care Act Improve Healthcare in the U.S.? – Guest Editorial by Hannah Grachen”

  1. I think it is very unfair to have people pay for healthcare especially when some people don’t believe in medicine, like, for instance, some religions do not believe in blood transfusions.

  2. I agree that people in the US should not be forced to have healthcare. I believe that the government should not be able to force you to choose a certain type of healthcare or make you unable to already keep the current plan you have.

  3. People should have freedom do chose their own healthcare without the government stepping in and forcing a different one upon them.

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