The horror genre. It is becoming ever more popular in today’s era. Horror books, films, and merchandise are a hot topic. But one media form stands out, in my opinion, more than the others. The fantastic genre of horror gaming! This article is a review of my favorite horror galyme, although note that it’s technically survival horror, my favorite subgenre within the horror genre. Survival horror games usually have one main goal, of course: Survival. A prime example of a survival horror game is Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is available currently for PC on Steam for 19.99, (baring a Rating of M for violence) a decent price for a game that will get you a good 15 hours of gameplay, and more if you wish to explore the modding scene (there are plenty of tutorials on how to do this.) Now, a little more on the game:

You wake up in a deserted and sprawling castle known as Brennenburg. All of your memories have been forgotten. All that you know is that you must travel deep into the bowels of the castle, towards the inner sanctum, to seek your revenge.

Most of the game takes place in the dark, and a major goal is to find light sources (tinderboxes and lantern oil) to find your way through the labyrinthian halls. Tinderboxes light immobile light sources like candles. The lantern is mobile, but runs out of fuel very quickly.The game is survival horror, so if you encounter anything that threatens you, you cannot fight back. Your only hope is to hide.

Gameplay feels very unique and realistic, as if you are actually inside Brennenburg. It helps to play with headphones in the dark. Gameplay is, frankly, quite terrifying. If you are easily scared I wouldn’t recommend it. One note is that the game contains few jump scares, and relies more on suspense to scare you (Which is an improvement from jump scares, in my opinion)

A complaint that I have is that the ending felt somewhat unsatisfying. However, it is definitely worth your time. If you are interested in horror games, perhaps looking to avoid cheap jump scares, or even if roaming a sprawling, poorly lit castle sounds like fun, I would recommend Amnesia: The Dark Descent.


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  1. I a gaming world where “Unique” is a term thrown around so much, it is nice to see a game like this that is legitimately unique. 5 STARS, A+, 4 STARS!

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