“I love movies, you love movies, everyone loves movies. Now Chef Ramsay, add him to a movie and it should be an instant hit!” This is the thought process that I feel this movie went through during the writing process.

Love’s Kitchen is a movie directed, written, and produced by James Hacking. What’s that, you never heard of him, well that is truly a travesty as he did another amazing movie called Airport Ride… This is going to be good.

Love’s Kitchen is a movie about a Chef named Rob Haley, played by Dougray Scott, who is one of the best Chefs around. One day his wife calls him on the phone and he asks her to hang up since he is worried about her getting in a accident. She hangs up but it is too late as she crashes into a logging truck and does not survive. This is the first problem this movie has, we learn nothing about the characters but the movie feels the need to make something tragic happen. It would have been fine if we got to know them better first, but this happens right away out of nowhere. This is the movies biggest problem, none of the story seems to have a rhyme or reason after this point. The whole movie is riddled with confusing actions, actors trying to hard or to little, and jump cuts that make you have to rewind to make sure you didn’t miss something. The movie also tries to get you invested by having a few moments with Gordon Ramsay; these moments being at the end, and at the begging. However, the scene at the begging has no point as Gordon walks in to tell Rob to get his act together, only to have the movie jump ahead to the next day in the same room with no changes other then Ramsay being gone.

My biggest problem however is the acting. The lead Dougray Scott as Rob has little to no emotion, there is nothing about the character that sticks with you. The daughter Gemma, who’s actor was non-credited, looks as though she is 14, but is played as though she is 5. There are some other characters involved such as an alcoholic food critic, played by Simon Callow, Rob’s best co-chef Ingo, played by Matthew Clancy, and more that give nothing for you remember in their characters.

The only reason I remember this movie is for how much fun I had watching it. It is not a movie for those of you looking for a serious movie, it’s tantamount to a movie like The Room, another “so bad it’s good movie”.

The movie doesn’t have many redeeming qualities but there is fun to be had with it. If you get the chance I suggest you take a look even if only for a few laughs. Thanks for reading, and remember to have a good day.

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