For two weeks now Avonworth High School students have not been permitted to ride the Middle School bus home from extracurricular activities unless they have a pass signed by Mrs. Clare. Many students have voiced their opinions about the subject saying things along the lines of “ugh” and “the fact that I need a bus pass is basically saying don’t stay after school for clubs!”

I personally feel that the whole thing is a bit ridiculous. When I got on the bus after the Middle Schoolers day was over I would sit down in a seat and wait for my twelve year old brother to get on so we could sit together. Unfortunately, with the new “Bus Rules”, I cannot enjoy a hectic Middle School bus ride home with my brother because the High Schoolers are now required to sit in the front of the bus. And let me just say the seats at the front do not give very much leg room or space for people who are taller than 5’8, and I am 6’0.

When I get on the bus I hand over my muted yellow bus pass to my bus driver and hunker down in a seat for the obnoxiously loud and long bus ride I have ahead of me. And just as I get settled in there is another Middle School student coming on who promptly cries because all of the seats at the front of the bus are taken. And, feeling guilty because I am now longer allowed to sit with my brother, I get up and cram myself into a seat by one of my peers and we get ready for a ride of awkward silence and conversation about how annoying the bus passes are.

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