Hailing from Australia, indie pop group Sheppard is seeking great stardom.  Three of the six members are related  – all Sheppard’s – so that’s where the band name comes from.  George, Amy and Emma Sheppard are joined by friends Michael Butler, Jason Bovino and Dean Gordon as the members of the group.  Their first album, Bombs Away, was released on July 11 and reached number two on Australia’s top album charts.  The single “Geronimo” topped the Australian singles chart for five weeks and was certified 5x platinum.

In America, Sheppard is yet to hit big time success.  Occasionally you will hear “Geronimo” on the radio but not very often.  They are holding on to great success in other countries, including their native Australia.  “Geronimo” reaching the top 10 in Italy, Germany, Poland, New Zealand, and, of course, Australia.  In America, however, the song only reached number 58 on the Billboard hot 100.

Currently with a minor success it is possible that Sheppard could take off, with a common pop sound that many musicians share in this age of music.  Since they share a sound that we hear almost non-stop everyday, this just seems like another one hit wonder that will not have a huge ripple in the music world.  The song has been out for over a year now and is most likely not going to be pulled out of the rubble that is pop music again just for three and a half minutes of a catchy pop song that sounds like any other.

Despite being a small fish in a big sea, they have great potential to hit it big world wide.  People like basic pop sounds and that is what they have along with a distinctive real sound.  “Geronimo” is one of the more catchy songs that have been released lately, but it’s five minutes of fame came and went.  If they come back with another hit it would not surprise me.

Shepard is a good group with a good sound, but are pretty much just a flash in the pan. Good sound, but lacking in staying power.  Catch them while they are hitting their heights or do the hipster thing and say you like them because they’re not mainstream.


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