According to┬áHealthDay News, “The unusually warm spring weather in New York and other parts of the eastern United States has trees and other plants blooming much earlier than normal, which could mean a long and intense allergy season.”

So while Spring means warmer weather and flowers popping up overnight, no more dark skies and empty hopes of warm weather, it also means here comes some friends (A.K.A allergies) even sooner than I want.

My allergies are so bad. I wake up and pop pills to make sure I won’t break out in hives before I even walk out of my house; however, that still happens. There have been times that I have walked outside, looked down at my hands and realized they were red and irritable.I enjoy spring, I really do, but it comes to a point when I just want it to stop. My allergies affect everything to the point where I can’t sit down in grass because I will be itchy for the rest of the night.

My biggest problem with spring isn’t my own issues with allergies, it’s others. When I hear people complaining about why their eyes are puffy or itchy, and then someone asks why, that person complaining goes into their full family history. They talk about how their great uncle Bob once went fly fishing in northern Maryland and came back home with a whole list of allergies and that is how they got this itchy eye. This kills me; as a person who goes through this struggle everyday of my life I don’t care about how you got your allergies because I am trying not to sneeze all over your face right now.

When walking through the halls I can hear people complaining about their allergies and I get it. Kids are walking into classes looking like their crying and they have to explain why their eyes are watering. And after it’s explained why their eyes are watering people don’t need to explain every detail of their allergies.

Watery eyes and runny noses are something people with allergies have to live with. Especially this year, we’ll all be living with it longer. Yes, they are not fun. But they are not that horrible, too, and just like getting a cold you have to get over it. So, to mix a few cliche’s together, suck it up and blow it out.

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