For two weeks, the Junior class officers and Mrs. Levis have been raising funds to help Mr. Boggess and his family.  Many items have been donated, some dating back to collections for the Junior Class auction, as well to help, many being from parents of the 11th grade class, as well as some businesses.

The most common items that people are putting tickets in have been the $100 Starbucks Gift Card, the RCA tablet, Chipotle and Latitude 40, the $80 dollars Bruster’s real ice cream gift card, and the 4 passes to Sandcastle. One of the very big advantages of having a small raffle is that it is much easier to plan and control. While something such as the fashion show takes a long time to plan, the raffle is easy to plan, and easy to control.

Ms. Levis working at the Basket table
Ms. Levis working at the Basket table

The raffle will be continuing until the end of this week. Many people know Mr. Boggess, mostly current Juniors and Seniors, and are very willing to support the Boggess family. Ms. Levis, who would often eat lunch 3 with Mr. Boggess, misses him and said that she “always appreciated his sense of humor.”

While the various baskets are drawing a considerable amount of money, two of the biggest donations ,Ms. Levis said, have been “One large donation from an administrator and a nice donation from a family.  Neither wanted tickets.”

The results of the Raffle are in and the winners are listed below.

Starbucks Basket: Chris O’Malley

Electric Skillet & Tastefully Simple: Mrs. Rask

Josten’s Senior Package: Carlena Bressanelli

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream: Sharon – Cafeteria

Sandcastle and Pines Plaza Lanes: Katie Winter

Bark-n-Go: Mr. Wolfe

Hair Accessories Caddie and Spa Gift Card: Mrs. Eck

RCA Tablet: Mrs. Eck

Basket of Avonworth Gear: Mrs. Reilsono

Lastly the Chipotle and Latitude 40: Carlos Best.

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  1. I think the basket raffle and having all of the proceeds go to the Boggess family was a very nice thing to do. Many people helped to support the cause

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