So who were the 6% that were not pictured in the print edition of the avonviews and why were they not pictured?

The editorial staff respects the rights of any students who feel uncomfortable having their image run alongside a quotation within the print publication. Also, the avonews staff works diligently to provide meaningful reporting that fulfills its mission statement – that’s the little paragraph you may have skipped over on the table of contents page.

So for this question, students simply didn’t want to be pictured, but are comfortable being attributed to why they think valedictorian and salutatorian titles.

“I think the ranking system hurts everyone but valedictorian and salutatorian. It only benefits two people, why keep it?” said sophomore Eva Dinino.

The remaining 5 did not offer more insight or our reporters did not capture their words directly for quotation.

If you want to share your opinion in support of not recognizing valedictorian or salutatorian,  please share your thoughts @avonewsonline on twitter.

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