“Good morning Avonworth!”  Every morning as students are dreading the school day  ahead of them, first they must listen to either Cassidy Southern, Angie Tozzi or Natalie Simmons preach the announcements in their upbeat and sometimes loud voices.  Most times, when teenagers are awake at 7:20 in the morning, they do not want to be bothered.  The announcements, as a result, can become the bother they did not want, even if the students reading them are delivering them exactly as they should sound.

In general the morning announcements are ignored.  Not too many people are sitting listening to every word that is said, mostly because it does not pertain to most students.  Just a few students might choose to listen in because they are in major activities that involve a lot of students.

“And now a special announcement…”  When a play or musical are around the corner there will be a singer or actor taking a scene from the production and performing it for the school.  All just trying to get everyone to buy tickets.  “Tickets for Seussical are still on sale!”

The musical and play announcements are cool to hear once or twice, but everyday can get a bit cringe worthy and annoying.  I’m in musical and even I get a little uneasy when someone is belting over the intercom.

Why are the announcements ignored?  A lot of times kids could be finishing up homework or just getting an extra few minutes of much needed sleep.  Either way the announcements are loaded with important information that students need to hear.  Hence, why they are on the announcements?

2 Replies to “Ignoring the Morning Announcements”

  1. Nick, I agree. We need to “enter” the 21st century with a visual morning announcement segment. Just imagine the possibilities!

  2. The morning announcements are needed, but i feel they should be presented in a different way.

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