After the first four games of the playoffs the Penguins are losing to the New York Rangers three games to one.  Is the season coming to a close?  Or do they stand the chance to fight another day?  Overall they have been playing great hockey and Marc-Andre Fleury has been standing on his head to keep them in every game.  Every game has been close, all four games have been decided by a single goal.  Game one: Rangers won 2-1.  Game two: Penguins won 4-3.  Game three: Rangers won 2-1.  Game four: Rangers won 2-1.

When looking at the score the key to winning has seemingly become just to score more than one goal.  The Pens have been playing great game after game.  Total shots by both of the teams have been really close.  The play has been pretty equal on both sides.

However, the penalties have been a little lopsided.  Okay, very lopsided.  I am not usually one to take a loss and blame it on officiating, but it has been pretty easy to see a lean towards the Rangers.  Many missed calls that have just flew past the NHL officiating eyes.  This has been noticeable since the end of the regular season.  Lundqvist’s dive in game three made it pretty clear that the referees are pretty much putting their whistles away for the Rangers.  As well as a non-call, also in game three, that lead to a Ranger’s goal, later leading to them winning.

The Penguins have been playing at the top of their game, just not able to finish.  They have to keep fighting for the finish.  Same with the fans.  The fans can not lose hope, it is not over and winning the series is in the reach.  

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