The bike sits alone in the labyrinthine shed.
The bike sits alone in the cluttered, labyrinthine shed.


The daily announcements are, truthfully, droned out by many a tired high school student, more concerned about staying awake than hearing about a program which initially interests very few of the student body. Once in a while, though, a certain something might catch your attention. For instance, the missing bike announcement that has been going on for a week or so:

‘Have you lost/misplaced your bike? If so, stop in the office to claim.’

People lose many objects everyday – unimportant things, like pencils or guitar picks – and also more important things – like coats, wallets, and phones. But most people would assume that the larger the item is, the harder it is to lose, correct? It would be especially hard to lose an item the size of a bike. How difficult is it to actually lose a bike? It’s probably fairly challenging.

It was found unchained and unwanted, in the red shed by the baseball field. The question is, was it accidental, or perhaps on purpose? The bike was fairly small and a little bit beat up. One intention was that it was simply an easy way to get rid of an unwanted bike. Another possibility is that the bike was actually lost. Still, the bike sits gathering dust, and it could either be sold or donated.

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