Despite what a lot of fair weather fans might think, and say, the Penguins still have a chance to make the playoffs.  People have a lot of hope, but now is not the time to do it.  No matter what you never lose hope in your favorite team.  Saying they do not deserve a spot in the playoffs takes away the hard work they have done all year to get there.

It is not about what a team does in the last month of the season, it is about the hard work and effort they have put in for the entire season.  The Pens have worked long and hard for 80 games to get 96 points and a shot at clinching a playoff spot.  Just like Ottawa and Boston have played 81 games to be in the same spot.  Once the playoffs begin then everything changes.  A teams records are reset to 0-0-0 and it is a new season.  Just like the regular season, hockey is a weird sport, any given team can beat any other given team on any given day.

Yes, the last few games have not been going well, but that does not mean it’s over yet.  With two games remaining we are almost guaranteed a spot.  Playing the worst team in the league, Buffalo, in the last game give the Pens a great opportunity to give them the one win they need.  We can still make it even if we do not win a game for the rest of the season.  That would depend on Boston losing their last game, tomorrow.

There are still games and there is still hope.  No reason to lose hope now.  The team wants it and fans,or atleast I do, want this.  The playoffs and a chance at another Stanley Cup.

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