Student Council’s typically buzzing Wednesday meetings have depleted to a few still passionate, participants. At the beginning of the year, Miss Fox’s classroom was packed with people excited to aid with the annual auction, Homecoming and eventually, King of Hearts. However, as the year winds down, fewer and fewer people seem excited to participate.

Miss Fox and Miss Ewusiak, student council sponsors, have an idea of why the attendance has been basically barren.

“But since Avonworth kids are involved in so many layers of activities, the participation can naturally slow down,” they stated, via email.

Perhaps the busy workloads and winter weather of the third quarter eventually tolled the previously present council and caused such a rapid decrease in membership attendance and availability. Fox and Ewusiak, being new to student council sponsorship, have no prior knowledge regarding the fluctuation in participation.

Off the record, student participants believe that often times, student council slows down post-Auction. Student Council, however, does not end after the Christmas season; it then moves on to “senior switch day, the king of hearts dance, elections, and awards assembly,” the advisers state.

The current president of student council, Billie Jo Richardson, has more insight due to her years of student council participation.

“Participation in student council has been diminishing for the last couple of years,” Richardson states. This trend could be explained in several ways; firstly, with the graduation of many participating seniors and juniors who proved to be student council powerhouses, the appeal of student council may have diminished. As Richardson states, “very few underclassmen are stepping up.”

In order to attract new members, Richardson is doing what any sensible high schooler would do: offering food.


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