Since Monday morning, April 20th, students of our school have received a small gift in the form of a new charging booth where they can charge their phones and devices. Located by the main entry doors, the new BYOT (or Bring Your Own Tech) booth has a total of 24 spaces for chargers and is open at all times during the school day, but will people use it?

Many students at Avonworth do not wish to use the charging station. One student stated there is “not enough time to charge if I have to stay” and another echoed a frequent concern that “anyone could steal your stuff.” People still say they might use it though in case they need to get “any quick charge” but if they had to keep there longer then they might not use it at all.

Sophomore Matt Fuller has said that they should “add little doors to each space that you can use a key on if you need to charge your devices.” He has also said that he doesn’t think he really need it because he normally has all his stuff charged anyway. Two Freshman have also said that “There is always an outlet in their classes anyway” that they could use if needed.

As the first week of this result of a Galleries Project continues, the question remains will students find this booth useful or not.

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  1. the BYOT booth is a good idea but not going to be successful in my opinion. Like stated in the article, anyone could just come and take your phone / device. Also stated, there are outlets in the classrooms and almost every teacher does not mind if you charge during their class… at least you’re not on your phone. lol

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