Four EP’s and millions of views on YouTube in the past three years is pretty impressive for any veteran rap artist. In this situation the duo achieving this feat are newcomers, Kalin and Myles. Kalin White and Myles Parrish are two friends that, after watching Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never movie, decided they should make a song together. After the song, “More Than Friends”, was out with a video it had a great response and they decided to continue to make music.

Their new EP, Dedication, came out in December and is slowly picking up popularity with the hit song “Trampoline.” The song is accompanied by two videos. One video is loaded with dancing, partying, attractive girls and, yes, trampolines. The other video with fewer trampolines, more freight carriers and just as many attractive ladies. The song has a catchy beat and a melody that is surprisingly good. When you hear a rap song with “Trampoline” as the title you do not get high expectations, yet the song really crushes first thoughts.  Lyrics and beats meld well together to create a great song.  Millions of views on YouTube speak for themselves in some cases. The videos may be generic, another rap video with partying and attractive ladies, but that is what sells and what works.

Other than “Trampoline,” the duo has also released hit songs like “Love Robbery” and “Do My Step.” They seem on paper like a veteran pair, when in reality they are still newcomers. Soon, though, they should become a household name if they can keep up the good work. Still young with long careers ahead of them, it will be something to see as they become mainstays in the music industry.

The dedication they put into their EP “Dedication” shows, four great songs with power to become hits. Their songwriting abilities and overall sense of fun should make every single a hit. They are a rap duo with a great shot of becoming big – it will be fun to see the rise to massive stardome.

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