On April 30th, during eighth period, My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure rocked out on the auditorium stage. Avonworth’s own Apple specialist and i.t guy, Andrew Hapeman, is the drummer in the pop punk band. They may not be too well known but a bigger fan base is something this band deserves.


With a band name forming from the comic strips Calvin and Hobbes, Dan Becker (bass and vocals), Mikey Meiers (Vocals and Guitar), Stephan Michal (guitar), Alex Robertson (keyboard), and Andrew Hapeman (drums) are five best friends doing what they love and hoping to build on their small success. With their debut full length album, Seeker, set to come out summer 2015, they are ready to bring the noise and become more well known.

When Andrew is not working on Apple products around the school, he is jamming out with the band
When Andrew is not working on Apple products around the school, he is jamming out with the band
Guitarist and singer Mikey Meiers rocking
Guitarist and singer Mikey Meiers rocking

Their last single, “Farewell,” an independent single, has gotten some airplay in other countries like the Netherlands and the United Kingdom giving them a little overseas love. Aside from being produced by former Relient-K drummer, Dave Douglas, the song itself is one of the better pop punk songs out there. It was the first song the quintet had written together, instead of someone coming in with an idea or a piece of a song. That is something very noticeable when you listen to the song or watch them perform it live. You can hear the collaboration and fun they had making it. Other music from them are more independently released EP’s Let’s Play it Safe (2008) and Before You Change the World (2010). Songs from these EP’s can be found on many places across the internet, mostly the bands Facebook page, Spotify and, if you are feeling nostalgic, Myspace.

After the set at Avonworth Meiers explained that their stuff is not on iTunes due to the lack of profit they would gain from paying to put everything on the site.

Largely influenced by bands like Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World and Relient K they do a very good job of resembling these bands’ sound. Having the opportunity to open for artists like Hellogoodbye, Stereo Skyline and Emily Osment they have slowly been picking up a following. In 2009 the band was featured on the Warped Tour’s Kevin Says Stage, a stage at Warped Tour that is meant for smaller bands to get more recognition from a broader audience. Very few bands have a distinct pop punk sound, this is one of them because of their catchy melodies and quality vocals both recorded and live on stage.

The band also has a great live sound along with great songs. Bringing a great sound to a stage is not an easy thing to do for a lot of bands, this one does a great job of it.  Without a professional sound tech they were still able to uphold great sounding vocals.  They like it loud and like playing music together more than just a band but best friends. Originally having a different sound they have melded it well into their new pop punk sound.

My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure is a band that has a sound worthy of the limelight and the ambition to achieve it. Well deserving of a listen and new fans, a great band and a great group of guys. Look forward to seeing them, hopefully, hitting it big.

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