With the game release for Star Wars Battlefront 3 slated for November 17th 2015, and Star Wars VII movie coming to theaters December 18th 2015, Star Wars fans are ready for Disney to bring new life to this beloved franchise. Some of this new life is  Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the PlayStation 2.

The game is a first person shooter playable in a third person view. You can play as many different types of some of the serious most famous soldiers. You have the basic classes:  Droids, Clones, Rebels, and Storm Troopers, each with basic classes and only playable depending on the different time periods for each mission. If you are playing a Clone Wars mission then it’s going to a battle between Clones and Droids. If you are playing in a Galactic Wars mission then it’s going to be between Rebels and Storm Troopers.

What keeps me playing this game after all these years is a lot of the rewards you get for playing well. While many first person shooters will reward you with new weapons and such after some many matches, what sticks out with this game is you can get a better weapon as you play. If you gather enough points you can unlock special classes. These classes have better weapons and can only have a limited number on the battlefield at one time, normally in a range of 2-5.

Something else points do for the player is let them unlock the ability to play as a “hero unit”. The hero unit is a character from the movies that are on either the Dark or Light side. Certain maps let you play as someone like Luke Skywalker, and others may let you play as someone like Boba Fett. The Dark or Light hero you play as also depends as to what team your on. If you’re a Droid or Storm Trooper you are on the Dark side. Rebels and Clones are on the Light side.

The most fun to have in this game is the space battles. These battles let you fly around in part on space and even allow you to fly into the enemy ship and take them down from the inside. These missions only let you play as a pilot or soldier and don’t allow special or hero units.

Finally, and what makes me think this game is worth playing, is the sense of victory. When you win a battle you are the one who puts in the effort. The player is the one who is in control of the battle, you have to get to the objective, you have to protect the base, you, the player, are the champion of your army. This is also shown in the games very simple yet effective ranking system. By playing the game longer and doing better you rank up and eventually can reach the highest rank of general. The feeling is amazing and the player gets a real sense of accomplishment, something I feel first person shooter games from recent years lack. While I play Call of Duty now and again I am able to play this game much longer before getting bored.

This game is awesome and I have put many hours into it. I even still have my original copy and the PS2 I played it on. This game was such a big part of my life that the cheats for infinite ammo and life are permanently ingrained in my memory. Well that’s all I have to say to sum up the game. I hope you enjoyed, and you’ll see on me, General of the 501st, on the Battlefield.

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