The movie “Unfriended” has been talked about since the beginning of 2015. But, was it worth all the hype? “Unfriended” came out on April 18 2015, no longer keeping the hype.┬áThe plot was decent, bringing a new style to movies that highlights the dangers of bullying (warning, spoilers ahead).

The movie takes place entirely from the viewpoint of a laptop camera, allowing the movie goers to watch Skype conferences between six friends who will ultimately be forced commit suicide by the vengeful ghost of Laura Barns who committed suicide after a drunk video of her was posted on YouTube.

Laura comes in contact with her previous friends through a Skype conference call on the anniversary of her suicide, immediately foreshadowing the deaths of her “friends” with a classic horror film cliche. Once figuring out that each Skyper will die will then bring to the immediate foreshadowing of how each will face death.

Each friend will be “Unfriended” through a casual game of never have I ever where they are forced to tell the truths about lies that have been told to the others over the course of their friendships. Laura is playing a game with her friends, forcing them to hate each other so they will log off allowing a pass for Laura to kill them.

Through the entirety of the movie it is believed that not one of the friends had anything to do with the suicide of Laura Barns, however, it is found out that they all had a little more to do with it than perceived.

Although the movie had an interesting view, it fell short of what it could have been with its mediocre acting and poor plot. Had the acting been good, the rather understated approach to the movie would have came across as more appealing to all generations.


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