“Avonworth is one of the best, if not the best, high schools in America”, said 2006 graduate Joe Hyde, presenting the Ryan Ballou Citizenship award during the 2015 High School Awards Assembly on Thursday, June 4th. Hyde flew in from California to present Ballou’s award, won by Denise Nicole Stone, before he shared anecdotes while presenting the Patrick Kenny award to Jessica Larsen.

Another person outside of the district presenting an award was WPXI chief meteorologist Stephen Cropper, who gave the Avonworth Meteorology Award to Matthew Lewis, who had been giving weather reports through the announcements. Other notable moments included Mr. Giel mispronouncing several students’ names, and Mr. Shirey making an off-the-cuff comment about Caitlyn Jenner’s recent transition. Below is a list of all awards and award winners.

Coraopolis Masonic Lodge Scholarship – Emily Grambo

Jacob Snively Memorial Scholarship Fund – Ben Harris

Triangle Tech Welding Scholarship -Ryan Niklaus

ASA Coach Helen Croft Memorial Scholarship – Abby Grove and Joe McDonaugh

AXA Achievement Awards – Katherine Abramowich

Avonworth Fund for Educational Excellence: Museum Paper Awards, for AP English 12- Miranda Cook. For Academic English 12, Maria Foster

Spanish V and IV awards – Ben Pietrusinski and Rachel Gaugler

Latin IV and Latin V awards – Caroline Carlson and Ryan Johnston

French IV and French V – Izzy Tomko and Jenny Guest

Musical Director Awards – Billy Molinari, Christina Tuccillo, and Angie Tozzi

David J. Mayernik Citizenship Award – Emily Grambo

Alfred Beattie Award – John Dieger

9th Grade Citizenship & Leadership Award(s) – Grant Bernauer and Jenny Morris

Dan Ulanowicz Award – Chris O’Malley

Male and Female Athlete of the Year – Chris O’Malley and Sydney Smith

Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award – Sam Basinger and Jenny Guest

Avonworth Meteorologist Award – Matthew Lewis

Lenzner Award – Mike Heraty

Jamie and Ali McMutrie Spirit of Giving Award – Lauren Robinet

Princeton Book Award – Alex Kirsh

Schaffner STEM Award – Katherine Abramowich and Ben Harris

The Three Rivers Moss Award – Gabe Sasala

David R. Williams Scholarship – Matt McKinney

Sean Adams’ Outstanding Student Athlete Award – Andrew Domencic

Ryan Ballou Citizenship Award – Denise Nicole Stone

Patrick Kenny Award – Jessica Larsen

Avon Club Scholarship – Katherine Abramowich and Emily Grambo

National Merit Awards – Ryan Johnston

Carson Scholarship Fund Recognition and Recognized Scholars – Ethan Woodfill

Perfect Attendance – Brooke Mellon, Bethany Adamaik, Andrew Cihon-Scott, Ryan Kantenwein

University of Rochester Award – Christina Tuccillo

Xerox Award- Becca Volk

Bausch and Lomb Award – Brach Herzing

North Pittsburgh Counselor Consortium Book Award – Adam Kramer

Prudential Spirit of Community Award – Tweesha Modi

Peer Mentoring Award – Matt McKinney

Westinghouse Science Honors Institute –  Ryan Kantenwein, Sabrina King, Josh Nosal, Andrew Righetti, Hannah Schoppner, Natalie Simmons, Jason Stubbs, and Molly Rind

Star of Social Media Award – Sydney Zasadni

Art Room Spirit Animal Award – Lxxy Reinhart

Graphic Designer of the Year Award – Billy Molinari

Chinese 5 Award – Ray Watters

POD Student of the Year – Andrew Domencic

Accounting Award and Cool Shopping Barbie Award – Ryan Johnston and Jessica Peters

12th Grade English Vocab Award in Academic – Ray Watters, Khalil Thompson, Bri Kyler

AP English Vocab Award – Grace Collins

Fall Play/ Spring Musical Recognition  – Billy Molinari, Grace Collins, Angie Tozzi

Outstanding Academic Excellence in Mathematics and Math League Award  – Ryan Johnston

Athenian Award – Caitlyn Miller

Valedictorian and Salutatorian – Ryan Johnston and Billie Jo Richardson





Matt McKinney onstage winning the David R. Williams scholarship with the Williams Family.




Andrew Cihon-Scott, Ryan Kantenwein, and Brooke Mellon recognized for Perfect Attendance.







Mrs. Levis awards Adam Kramer the North Pittsburgh Counselor Consortium Book Award.




Mrs. Levis awards Lauren Robinet with the Jamie and Ali McMutrie Spirit of Giving Award.




Molly Rind, Andrew Righetti, Natalie Simmons, Jason Stubbs, Hannah Schoeppner, Sabrina King, and Ryan Kantenwein are presented with Westinghouse Science Honors Institute by Mrs. Tracy.


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