Most students view the blood drive as an opportunity to get out of class. Whether it’s that AP Calc test or notes you don’t want to sit through, the blood drive will help you get out of class…if that is your goal. You might have a different goal when you keep in mind just how badly blood donations are needed.

“Every year, stores of blood products go down, ” says school nurse Mrs. Barcasky. In other words, donations are constantly needed, but the demand isn’t meet. . What students don’t realize is that the holiday season is just around the corner, this means that more and more people are busy; this means that less and less people are going to donate.

People are always in need of blood, with an average of 395,000 heart transplants a year, most people can put their fear of needles to the side.

As of October 1st, the school did not reach its goal of 30 participants, but they did at least have over 20 people participate.

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