In light of the news that homecoming would be held in the high school gym, the class officers thought of trying to make the unfortunate situation better by making the homecoming dance a “rave”. The “AvonRave” would include black lights, neon paint, strobe lights and techno music. While the idea of a rave would be fun at any other time of the year, many felt the rave was not a good enough event to replace homecoming. Lets face it, homecoming is irreplaceable. Just as expected, the idea received even worse responses than the responses to the news of an on campus dance. Students did not like the idea of not dressing up for the dance and some complained that it might as well have been one of the middle school socials I’m sure we all remember.


Many ┬ápeople questioned the multiple changes of venue. Dr. Lockette explained his reasoning behind having the dance at home saying, “We have been one of the few exceptions [of local school districts] to have taken it off campus” and many parents agree that it is an unnecessary hassle. After much research it is clear we are not the only school to have homecoming off campus. Montour and Cornell both also hold their dances in alternate locations. Dr. Lockette’s claims are accurate though. A majority of schools do hold homecoming at home including: North Hills, Pine Richland and Moon. However, Avonworth has the budget to hold the dance at unique, extravagant places making the dance even more memorable for students.


All of the controversy was solved just in time to hold the dance at the Convention Center. This was a special location because the Avonworth Seniors held their first homecoming, freshman year, in the same location. The one obvious difference between their first homecoming and last was the crowd. There were almost two times as many students at the Avonworth 2015 dance but at the end of the night most of the students expressed that they had an electrifying, upbeat night.

Reporting and Writing also by: Michela Stasa and Thorin Kardell

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