Sunday, November 22 2015 was the selected night of the infamous American Music Awards, better known as the AMAs.  Aside from the show, a very anticipated aspect of the night is the red carpet dress reveal.  The AMAs attracts a wide variety of celebrities who come in displays of the most recent and elaborate fashion.  Several stars stood out to some viewers while others were merely bland.

Kendall Jenner approached the runway in a black mini dress, caged heels, and a slick topknot with front bangs framing her face.  Adding some bronzer beneath her cheekbones and a casual cat-eye, she looked exquisite.  Not only is Kendall living up to her sisters’ fashion sense, but she is starting to make a name of her own.


On the other hand, Selena Gomez showed up in a loose red sequined dress with minimalistic black heels.  The dress in particular did not quire suit her.  Although her makeup and hair was done very well, her general appearance was not her best.  Even though Selena had a hiccup in her fashion sense, many are very anxious to see what she has to wear next.selena

Gigi Hadid, a girl who possesses an unique sense of fashion to begin with, arrived in a white two-piece dress, a shoulder length haircut, something very different from her usual long blonde locks, and nude heels.  In all, Gigi made a statement in her dress, however, she appeared in the wrong attire in conjunction with occasion.


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