“Should backpacks be allowed in classrooms despite it being against school policy?” Out of the 49 students interviewed, every student answered yes to this question.

Marley Jenkins (11th) – “Yes, backpacks should be allowed in classrooms because if people are tripping over them, they shouldn’t be running around in the classroom, and it is not hard to look where you’re walking. If my book bag was not allowed in the classroom it would be in the hall or in my locker, if it were to be in the hall my things could easily be stolen. A simple solution to this is to keep your book bag under your desk and have people be aware of where they are walking.”

Jackie Restelli (11th)- “Yes, because if i didn’t have my bag with me in class I probably wouldn’t have everything I need and would have to leave class often to get my supplies.”

Brandan Hart (11th)- “Yes, the convenience of having a backpack in school outweighs any negatives. If backpacks are taken away, we should have more time between classes.”

Josh Carraway (11th)- “I think yes because as long as they are out of the way of people walking, they are not a distraction. :)”

Noah Lantzy (11th)- “To me, backpacks should always be allowed in classrooms, even if against the handbook policy. I do not sue my locker. It’s far from my classes and wastes time going to and from classes. Three minutes is not enough. Book bags are easier to carry and leave things with you at all times.”

Amber Helbing (11th) – “Yes. Nobody needs to complain about backpacks – they aren’t in the way Plus my lotion and chap stick is in that wonderful bag, plus my glasses which I guess I might need those.”

Nathaniel Walko (11th) – “Yes, backpacks allow books for multiple classes to be carried at once and with the overcrowding in the hall there is not time to return to a locker after every class.”

Coco Casey (11th) – “Yes, it’s my stuff and I should be allowed to have it with me if I want.”

Jordan Cassidy (11th): “Yes, backpacks should be allowed in classrooms despite the handbook policy because while some lockers are close to classes, others are in hallways that students don’t have classes in. Personally, I don’t have the slightest clue what my locker number is. I’ve never been to it. I take my backpack to every class; it gives me more time between classes.”

Ryan Kreutzer (11th): “Absolutely yes. The students of Avonworth should be allowed to carry backpacks to class because of two factors, the rapidly growing class sizes and the three minute time to get to class. It makes it complicated to go all the way to the lockers, go through the crowded hallways, and still make it to class on time.”

Noah Donovan (11th): “Yes, some students do not have time to go to their locker between classes. It is not a distraction, and helps prevent the ‘I left it in my locker’ excuse. It also lets students keep other supplies on them, like spare paper or pencils.”

Emily Galloway (11th): “Yes, if school officials expect us to get to class on time, especially with only three minutes and having classes far away, then they need to compromise with the students.”

Matt Crilley (11th) – “If they were to ban backpacks in classrooms they would need to allow us at least seven minutes in between classes to go to our lockers.”

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Additional writing, coverage, and reporting by Anastasia Wagner.

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