The rest of the season for the Steelers is looking good if you are an optimist. Saying goodbye to Bell, with only 6 games left there are one or two challenges that lie ahead. Pittsburgh would be looking good if they came out of week 12 victorious, as the Steelers will travel to Seattle to play on the 29th. The Seahawks have a five and five record with is slightly worse than our six and four record. Expect to see what we have in the past this season, showing that we can get by okay without Bell.

For the most part I believe our offense will prove to be too much for even the Seahawks defense which has been very exceptional for the past seasons. The only problem there could be for the Steelers is the Seahawks offense, even with Marshawn Lynch injured, backup Thomas Rawls is expected to break through and shine. We all know the Steelers defense could be better. It will be a tight game no doubt, this is also an important game for the team. If they win it will advance them onto a record of seven and four and any win will be great considering there is is six games left and we are only losing the division by two games at this point.

To some there is hopeful thinking of the possibility of the Steelers winning the division. In the AFC Northern Division right now the Bengals are in the lead with an eight and two record, with the Steelers falling in second losing by two games. With six games left in the season there is always that chance the the Steelers could end up at least winning the division. It would be hard though. The Bengals are already ahead two games and have wins against some of the best teams right now such as the Cardinals. Not to mention the Bengals have already beat the Steelers. Also we know by now that Bell will not return for the rest of the season with a torn MCL. Most likely the Steelers will not be winning the division this year. Although,  a Steelers fan can always be thankful that we aren’t as bad as the Browns.



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