Photos taken by Welcome Tjelmeland for the game held on Thursday, November 12th at Lenzer Field.  The two teams, 12th and 10th vs 11th and 9th, competed with over twelve girls on each team, coached by a mix of Varsity Boys football players. In the end, 11th and 9th shut out 12th and 10th on a very crisp evening.

DSC_4631Sophomore team QB ran into challenges from defensive opponents the entire game.

DSC_4678 Trying to find running room in the face of a blanketing defense, the 12th/10th team failed to score here and throughout the whole game.

DSC_4655Turning the corner along the way to victory by the 11th/9th grade team.

DSC_4734 DSC_4743

A glimpse at all the participants for the 2015 PowerPuff Sophomore Class Fundraiser.

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