The Journalism 1 class had a first listen to Ray Goren’s EP Songs For You:

Here are their quick reaction to the first track, Those Days.

Michela: Sounds like it would be in a commercial for swiffer. Really common – didn’t do anything for me. Reminded me of the feel and music from the cartoon Little Bill.

Isabel: Different compared to a typical pop song. Sounded more funky and gospel compared to what I thought he would do at his age.

Anastasia: Started off better than I expected it to, but got boring and wasn’t distinct. In a few years he might be able to make it on the musical platform.

Abby: It was a nice song for the background – uplifting, but not a song that would incite a lot of emotion.

Lauren: Sounded like an older song, 50’s or 60’s. I liked the instrumentation.

Grace: I liked it, but it got really repetitive lyrically. The lyrics got kind of boring, still unexpected in a good way.

Thorin: Wasn’t really my type of music but I still kind of liked it. Musically it was different.

Sierra: Pleasantly surprised by the notes he was able to sing. It was very upbeat but slightly like gospel music. Born in the wrong time period.

The reaction to his cover of “Light My Fire” was generally negative across the class. His vocal delivery is too generic, most people didn’t like the instrumentation.

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