The New England Patriots. A name that in Pittsburgh is met with criticism, disgust, and maybe even jealousy. After all the Patriots, along with the Carolina Panthers, are undefeated in the 2015 NFL season. There is nothing wrong with cheering for the best. When I was young and was just getting into football that’s exactly what the New England Pats were. They won the 2004 Superbowl. The patriots have been a team to contend with for the last decade and a half. now with a 10-0 record  lead the AFC East and in my opinion will make an appearance in Super Bowl 50. They already have four Super Bowl wins under their belt; gaining on the Steelers six. But let’s break it down to the statistics for this season. Tom Brady this season thrown 25 touchdown passes, has thrown for 3,320 yards, while only allowing for four interceptions. For comparison Ben Roethlisberger has only thrown for 1,887 yards, has only thrown 10 touchdown passes, and has thrown 7 interceptions. Another player to watch on the Patriots is Rob Gronkowski, the Pats tight end. With 51 receptions and 8 touchdowns he is just one of the many great players on the New England Patriots. The talent doesn’t end there. Julian Edelman, a wide receiver, has in his last three games he has 181 yards and 3 touchdowns. The list only continues. It’s obvious why The Pats have an undefeated season and lead the AFC East. I foresee a perfect season and quite possibly a back to back Super Bowl victory.  Brady-exclaims-vs--Steelers-110313

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