Cassadee Pope, the season 3 winner of The Voice, is making quite a name for herself.  Her new single, “I am Invincible”, clearly shows her capabilities as a rising female signer and, at the same time,  creates immense suspense for fans who are waiting for more music to come.

A clear banjo playing in the background immediately tells the listener this is country music.  However, keyboards and pop chords signal this is modern country and possibly the type of crossover song that could fit in a pop context, too.  Overall, the instrumentals used throughout the song highlight Cassadee’s voice and the message she is trying to convey by hitting the correct notes that mash well with her voice.

Cassadee’s singing shows her range of movement and talent in an articulate way.  The song is not a song where every other note the artist is pushing their voice to its very limits in order to demonstrate their talent, but instead it highlights Cassadee’s strength at the right moments.

The lyrics and meaning behind the song is brilliant.  The title in itself tells the audience that the song is positive, non the less uplifting.  Her lyrics can relate to any sort of obstacle one may face in life.  She sings, “I am invincible/ I am unbreakable/ I am a diamond cut to last/ I am unstoppable/ I am a hero/like a phoenix from the ash” and is quite empowering.

Overall, I thought that the song was appealing to listen to while at the same time conveying a positive message.  However, the lyrics are quite repetitive and are not very emotionally deep.  I would like to see something more significant from this artist because she obviously has the talent to do so.

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