A look at the rarely seen combo of Bell and Big Ben this year. The loss of Bell and Williams might be the end for the Steelers season tonight against the Bengals.


The Pittsburgh Steelers have made their way into the playoffs tonight in Ohio, with the wildcard game against the Bengals, who they had a close loss to and a strong win against. The Steelers are in trouble with the Bengals at this point because of one key injury. DeAngelo Williams is a veteran running back with ten seasons of experience, yet this is one of of his best seasons of his career, with 907 yards and and eleven touchdowns. With him the Steelers had a stronger chance, but since he has been ruled out that means the first (Bell) and second running backs will be out against a team who already beat the Steelers and also won the AFC North.
For those fans hoping for a repeat of the 10 year anniversary run, they forget the difference between these two teams, who at first seem similar. They are

When they won the Super Bowl in 2005, the Steelers were a power running team built on Hall of Fame Jerome Bettis’ pounding attack alternating with Willie Parker’s speed bursts. Big Ben was more of a game manager, a rookie who complimented the team around him and was asked not to cause it more trouble with turnovers and sloppy play.
10 years later, Big Ben has turned the Steelers into a team who can rely on their quarterback and receivers to pass the ball down field and really pick up some yards. However, with both running backs, out you can expect the Bengals defense to stack up on our receivers making it very difficult to advance down the field. Hopefully a miracle happens but if not you can expect the Steelers season to sadly come to an end tomorrow night.

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