On January 26, a PBS news crew filmed Mr. Shirey’s Personal Finance classes and interviewed Juniors Jessica Peters and Jacob Grande for a segment about finance classes in public schools. The following photos were taken by Junior Anastasia Wagner during the interview process and one of Mr. Shirey’s Personal Finance classes.


Junior Jesse Peters found the interviews initially “nerve wracking because [she] didn’t really know what questions [she] being asked.” The entire filming process took much longer than she expected, as it took four class periods for the PBS crew to gather all of the coverage they needed for the segment.¬†


Junior Jacob Grande impressed both his interviews and Mr. Shirey with his “thoughtful, intelligent, and mature” answers to the questions he was asked. The interview questions consisted of ¬†materials relating to retirement preparation and nest egg funds.¬†


Mr. Shirey shows his 6th Period Personal Finance class what retirement looks like. His casual Hawaiian themed accessory is meant to represent “a man with no worries living it up at the beach.”




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