I believe that abortion should be only under certain circumstances. I know of women and girls who have gotten abortions either because they were forced, or pressured, or simply “not ready to be a parent”. Those are just the most common reasons, there are women who’ve gotten pregnant from rape, there are women who didn’t want to have a child that will have birth defects, but there ARE women who choose adoption. There should be choices between continuing and terminating pregnancy but the choice for abortion should be limited.

Any time you choose to engage in sexual activity, you are exposing yourself to the possibility of being pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. When a woman willfully lays down and has sex, they should not be able to have an abortion because they “aren’t ready to be a parent”, this is n example of being irresponsible. There are also women who turn to abortion because of a parent or sexual partner’s disagreement in keeping the child. This is not fair to them and they should be helped in ways to be content in their choice of wanting to keep their child.

According to ww.abort73.com in 2011, 1.06 million abortions took place in the U.S., down from 1.21 million abortions in 2008, 1.2 million in 2005, 1.29 million in 2002, 1.31 million in 2000 and 1.36 million in 1996. From 1973 through 2011, nearly 53 million legal abortions occurred in the U.S. Also , almost 21% of all pregnancies end in abortion.

As of 1973 (Roe vs. Wade) abortion is legal in the United States , if you feel as though this should be changed or altered you can take action and sign the petition at http://www.recallabortion.com/petition.aspx

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