On March 5th, 2016, West Virginia had overridden their Governor’s veto to pass Radical NRA-Backed Gun Laws. These laws would have allowed no permit to be needed to carry around a concealed weapon, the idea of having this law put into action what from the National Rifle Association. Lucky, the citizens that live in West Virginia opposed having these laws being passed, and they ended up being vetoed. From the words of the current governor of West Virginia Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin; “West Virginia’s law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe and helping us in times of need, and it’s disheartening that the members of the Legislature have chosen not to stand with these brave men and women – putting their safety and the safety of West Virginians at risk.”


So what is the overall deal with Gun Control, and why is it a topic that only seems to come up only for short moments, and then goes away in the social media world. If we look over the past 20 years, there have been over 500,000 deaths related to guns on U.S. soil. As well that guns are the leading cause of death for both homicides and suicides, with as well an average 200 Americans going to the emergency room every day with gun-related injuries.


So what’s the problem? A majority of Americans feel that guns protect them, even if their not the ones owning the gun in the household. And almost 50% of crimes were stopped or not committed because someone there, while the crime was going to be committed, had a firearm on them.

The problem is that guns can almost be bought and owned by anyone. Backgrounds checks are done, but only by a shop. But if a person buys a firearm through a private seller from either online, through a classified ad, or at a gun show, and depending on where they live, there’s a good chance they won’t be subject to a check. And having a mental illness or a criminal background can only further the risk for more gun-related crimes or even deaths if they would buy them from the multiple sources listed before, where they wouldn’t be subjected to having a background check done.

Some things that could be changed is putting a nationwide law of putting that citizens could only buy firearms from a legal gun shop, and they would have to be subjected to going under a background check. In that background check if the citizen buying the firearm is subjected to having a mental illness, or a criminal background. They would either have to go into extra regulations to make sure they are safe to own a firearm. But some problems with putting something like this into act would cause outrage saying we’re not treating all Americans equal, and not giving them the opportunities that others have.


There’s no right or wrong answer for gun control, but I think that a majority of American Citizens would agree that there needs to be a change done to regulate how guns are given out, and how we treat people that aren’t safe with guns. Because even if you don’t agree that guns shouldn’t be more regulated that they are now, we can all agree that guns are killing machines, meant to kill.

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