Concealed Carry, a large issue in America, may not be quite as dangerous as you think. Having law-abiding citizens carry a concealed weapon can and does act as a deterrent to most criminals. They are less likely to refrain from committing a crime if they know that someone is able to stop them. This makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? In this day and age, there is no way to stop criminals completely but it is proven that in states that concealed carry is allowed, there is less rape, less armed robbery, and less murder overall. This is certainly a good start to reducing crime rates because enough is enough. See the infographic below for a more in-depth look at how crime is reduced due to concealed carry.

Obviously, this issue is extremely controversial in the United States. But, often times, the people in opposition to concealed carry do not understand what it really means. A lot of opposers argue that it is too easy to obtain a concealed weapon and permit. What they do not understand is that it does indeed take a thorough background check to obtain a handgun contrary to popular belief. Also, criminals do not generally follow the law. If firearms were made completely illegal, criminals would indeed still find ways to obtain them. The consequence to this is that the law-abiding citizens have absolutely no way to defend themselves and others. Concealed carry should, in fact, be completely legal due to the fact that it is more safe than it is dangerous to the public. If you feel you need to voice your opinion on this topic, feel free to visit the National Rifle Association’s website for more information and outreach.

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